Grandeur Class Recruitment - Cataclysm (updated 12/1/2011)

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Grandeur Class Recruitment - Cataclysm (updated 12/1/2011)

Postby Valkiir » Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:02 pm

Current Class Demand Image

We are actively raiding 10-man Hour of Twilight heroic mode raids, currently 0/8

Recruiting is currently closed.

Our recruiting officer is ZESTRENOCYA

Requirements Image

• You must be able to follow orders and have the capacity to think quickly and react accordingly.
• Must be able to take constructive criticism.
• A good sense of humor!
• No drama. If you're a drama queen, don't bother applying.
• We want active players that enjoy raiding and the challenges associated with it.
• Must be self sufficient with regards to consumables and always come prepared.
• 80%+ Raid Attendance
• A Solid Internet Connection. If you regularly go linkdead, you are of no use to us.

Typical Raiding times/days (in PST)

• Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 6:30PM - 10PM with very occasional Thursdays thrown in at random during progression.

The recruiting officer will look over your application, and contact the people we're interested in. If you're accepted as an applicant, the process can take several weeks to become a full member.

If you are interested in applying, please follow the instructions found at (NEW LINK NEEDED)

If you have any further questions about recruiting, contact Zestrenocya or ask any member for an officer in game or through a private message on the forum.
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