Mumble (It's better than Vent and TS and it's cheaper)

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Mumble (It's better than Vent and TS and it's cheaper)

Postby Zestrenocya » Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:50 pm

Download mumble at the following link:

When you run Mumble, do the following. Note that the first time you launch mumble you will be greeted with a wizard to set up your input/output settings including selecting your PTT key. I suggest you go through the wizard. It's quick and easy.

Also note that mumble features automatic sound normalization. This means that unlike Vent and TS, the program automatically levels out sound. You don't have to try to figure out why Zest is loud and Tanix is quiet. It has absolutely nothing to do with your settings or the program. If everyone is too quiet, your headset or soundcard suck. If one person is too quiet, their soundcard or mic sucks.

1) After installing and opening, minimize the public internet server list. At the bottom of the Mumble Server Connect box, choose "Add New..."

2) In the resulting dialogue box, enter the following information:
Servername: Grandeur (or whatever you wanna call it)
Port: 64739
Username: (Your character name. If you use anything EXCEPT your character name, I will not register you. If I do not register you, you will be very restricted in what you can do. -- Exception: Tarantado can use Tarantado because no one can pronounce Anakngpating.)

3) Click OK then make sure that the channel is highlighted in your favorite list and click connect.

4) When you log in, you will be prompted for certificate authentication. This is REQUIRED. If you don't do it, you won't be able to use Mumble, but it's pretty simple. You can either create your own self-signed certificate or you can do as sourceforge recommends and go the "create a trusted certificate" route. You can change your mind later by creating a new certificate from within Mumble. If you already have one, you can import your certificate.

A certificate uses strong public key cryptography to securely and uniquely identify a user to a server without giving away any passwords or other sensitive information. If the certificate is ever lost, the ability to authenticate to servers will be lost, so making a backup is mandatory, and part of the guided process. Users that already have secure certificates will have the option to use these instead, and such a trusted certificate can be replaced by any other trusted certificate for the same user identity.

5) Once you are logged in, you may enter any of the public room channels. You are denied access to all other rooms until I or another Admin adds you to the proper group. There are no passwords. Everything is done via group management in Mumble. Go to the "I NEED HALP" channel and if an admin is online and paying attention, someone will HALP you!

6) YOU MUST REGISTER. Once you are logged in USING YOUR IN-GAME MAIN CHARACTER NAME, ask an admin to Register you. This is done by the admin right clicking your name and choosing "register." Thereafter, we can make changes and assign you ranks.

7) Once you are registered and added to the proper group by an admin, you will be abie to do some things you couldn't do in TS. Most notably, in the "public rooms" section you can right click on "public rooms" and choose to add a channel. You'll get a dialogue box where you add the name of your channel and you must ensure that the temporary radio button at the bottom of this box is checked. You will then create your own channel that you and whomever you want to talk to can use. Note that anyone can just drop in your's completely unrestricted so don't go cybering in there! You will be automatically moved to that channel. Thereafter, anyone (whether a registered user or not) can join you there. The channel will persist until it is empty, at which time it will vanish.

Some things to note:

When you or anyone logs into the server, you will be in the root room. No one can talk in the root channel. You must move to a room first.

Private rooms are restricted. It depends on how I have it configured. You'll figure it out.

Raiding channels are restricted by group. If you are not an applicant, guildmember, or admin, you cannot enter them.

Anyone at all can enter public rooms.

Mumble features an overlay that shows everyone in the channel you're in as a transparent overlay in WoW. I find it annoying. You may like it. It allows you to see who's talking by highlighting their name. If you want to tweak it or turn it off, go to Configure -- Settings and highlight Overlay. Make sure you have advanced options checked. In the drop down menu at the top where it says "Show Everyone" change it to "Show No One" to disable it. Alternatively, you can tweak it until you have it set to something you like. Your Mileage May Vary.
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